Thursday, July 13, 2006


I don't even know whether this qualifies itself for a post, but seeing as how it's my blog, what the hell.

I found out today that The Firm has a division no-one knows about. It's missed all the headlines, everyone's business reports and escaped my attention as well. Of all the things I didn't realise were essential for a Wall Street firm to thrive and survive...

A Garment Division.

They have a whole department of people devoted to making sure I get an official t-shirt to wear. The fact that their size classifications would puzzle even the giants in Gulliver's travels is a separate issue. But coming back to the point - it's an Entire Department!!!

The more I think about it though, the more sense it makes. Apart from client communication, the t-shirt is probably the only physical object to carry The Firm's hallowed name. Even our buildings don't have it. So all of a sudden, you see the importance of ensuring that our t-shirts are done well! In a sense, it probably gets our entire advertising budget :) You sabotage the garment division , you sabotage the name. And what are we without our name, eh? It's a reputational business all the way! No wonder it has to remain top secret. :O

But you know what the best part of it all is? They're so important and secret that they never even make calls in their own name. And who, as you may well ask, does this for them? Our Prod Services Department! rofl! It's so hilarious I could cry!!

Our garment department has 24x7 monitoring... will wonders never cease :)

<edit> Gautam pointed out to me that half my posts are unintelligible to people who don't work with me, so some clarifications are in order! Since I am never to do something tomorrow that can be done today (my grandmom said and I dutifully rolled my eyes..) - here goes. The Prod Service Department at work is the one that keeps a very watchful eye on our processes, effectively allowing The Firm to go about making it's millions. They monitor everything 24x7 all over the world and are a Big Deal :) So you can imagine my obvious mirth at finding out that the Garment Division uses them too! <\edit>

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victim said...

i'll vouch for that. "The Department" called me at 5:58AM.
we have to wonder what's really going on under the sheets :D

btw ro in "And what are we without are name, eh?"
shouldn't "are" be "our" ?